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On-Site Photography

Tammy Reed

Meet the On Site Crew 

Photographer Assistants

Kaileigh & Skyler

Scene Artist/ Landscaper

Andy Reed

The Photogenic horse...Kahlua

'We are here to help Create Your Images."

Celebrating 28 Years!

We want to be your Photography Studio!   

Our Unique and Personalized Custom Portraits sets us apart from the others.


You’ll Love our 3 acre Indoor/Outdoor Studio with “One Of a KIND Props & Scenes”!

Being the Largest Studio in the Valley we specialize in BIG PROPS,

Bring your  Quads, Trucks, Motorcycles, Horses, Steer, Cats and Dogs!!



Some of our “Special” Scenes include:         

A Beautiful Gazebo from Pennsylvania,

 A Running Creek (let us know so we can have the creek ready!) Built by my very inventive husband, Andy, who you’ll see hard at work building another scene, or assisting in making your portrait beautiful!  


A Handmade Log Swing in our Eucalyptus Tree And many more Scenes. 


We hope you’ll choose On-Site to make your Memories complete! 

Thank you for your time

The On-Site Crew looks forward to working with you!


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